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Discover the Possibilities with EV Charging

Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continue to surge. By catering to the increasing number of EV drivers who seek convenient and accessible charging solutions, you can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability as well as position your business or property at the forefront of technological innovation. 

Benefits of becoming a charging destination:
  • Increase property value
  • Boost foot traffic
  • Fulfill a growing need
  • Support community growth and economic development
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Futureproof your business

Become a Charging Destination

Full Turnkey Services

Providing a full turnkey solution from start to finish, and managing within one team. We offer a wide range of services that assist you with a successful deployment.

 Site Qualifications

 Project Management



 Site Design

 Utility Connections

 Product Procurement




 Preventative Maintenance


  Software Integration

  Customer Support

  Custom Branding

Why Work With Us?

Permitting and Funding Made Simple

When we promise a complete turnkey EV charging solution, we mean it. Partnering with Lynkwell ensures access to a dedicated team ready to assist you at every turn.  From facilitating funding arrangements to navigating the complexities of permitting, our commitment is to bring your project from an idea to an innovative charging destination.  

What We Offer

Everything You Need for a Successful Deployment

With the industry’s largest selection of product options, Lynkwell is well-equipped to build the custom charging solution that best fits your location. Choose from level 2 AC or DC fast chargers and add functionality with payment terminals, RFID and NFC card readers, mobile app access and more. Whether you’re interested in public charging stations or solutions for heavy-duty fleet charging, Lynkwell is your one-stop shop.


Manage Your Stations

Experience streamlined station management with optimized energy management, scheduled charging, advanced analytics, reporting capabilities, and 24/7 station and network monitoring for unparalleled efficiency.


Manage Your Energy

Our cutting-edge software-integrated solutions, featuring energy-saving functionalities like local load management and automated scheduled time-of-use charging, are strategically designed to mitigate peak power demand and optimize your charging experience.


Manage Your Fleet

Integrate your existing fleet management system seamlessly with our scalable software architecture, crafting a robust and tailored custom solution meticulously designed to meet your specific needs.

EV Charging Hardware

More Than 500 Products and Counting

  • Select from a full range of AC and DCFC chargers
  • Options including payment terminals, RFID and NFC readers
  • Each product can be tailored to your needs
Purchasing Made Simple And Affordable

Leveraging Federal, State and Utility Programs

Make your project possible with funding opportunities. Our dedicated funding team is committed to identifying the most impactful incentives to cut project costs. Each qualifying piece of equipment is preapproved and registered in programs spanning a vast network of more than 1,700 utilities and agencies throughout the U.S. Maximize your site's potential with our team's expertise.

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"Our partnership with Lynkwell has been nothing short of exceptional.

Their commitment to sustainable energy solutions and their expertise in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure has truly impressed us.

Lynkwell's innovative solutions have allowed us to provide a seamless charging experience to our customers while supporting a greener future."

Cheryl Manna

COO of Nascentia Health

eMobility Solutions made easy

Your Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

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